Moving Day Preparation

After the careful research and selection of your preferred Moving Company, make sure the company comes out and actually looks at everything your moving and gives you a firm price or a “not-to-exceed” ceiling. Do not sign a contract with ambiguous language or blank lines with to-be-determine pricing.

Residential Moves Local and Long Distance

china pack box

Moving Companies will protect their customers by completing background checks and random drug screenings on employees before they ever enter a home. Employees will also have gone through a practical extensive training program that includes how to use tools to break down household furniture should the need arise.

Storage Options can be short or long term using secure climate-controlled facilities.

Replacement Cost Protection should be considered as moving insurance rated per pound is not very useful when it concerns electronics or even other items.

On Moving Day

Your home should be protected from the outside elements with the use of carpet runners and stair protectors. Door Jam Protectors and Special Padding will help keep the home damage free. The goal is to create protected pathways to walk on, roll dollies on or move furniture on. noodlesMovers will often utilize pool play toy noodles split open to cover wood banisters.

Each moving team should be equipped with tools, packing supplies, straps, pads, and heavy duty dollies. All equipment should be clean and well maintained- including the trucks. Employees should be, clean, dressed in Uniforms, have disposable foot coverings on,  and act professionally- meaning no swearing, smoking or spitting. They should not tell you that a large tip is expected or that you need to provide food and drinks- these items are much appreciated but should left up to the customer’s discretion.  Movers also should not have any loose chains hooked to their pants, large rings, large zippers or any other protruding metal on their bodies that may scratch walls or catch on fragile items.

Furniture Preparation should utilize shrink wrap with upholstered furniture, thick moving blankets for all furniture, and custom boxes for fragile items such as lamps, TV’s, glass tables, mirrors, and china.

Electronic Equipment Preparation tip:  Before you unhook all of those wires in the back of your TV or entertainment center, put masking tape on all wires and connections, then using a group of colored markers color code the wires to their respective input or output- this will bring ease to the re-connection process.

Moving Companies that take these steps have demonstrated excellence in their field as well as providing superior guardianship of their customers treasures.

Long Distance Moves


If the price is based on weight, for a long-distance move, ask the company to pre-weigh the truck in your presence with a full fuel tank and empty truck bed, and again after filling it with your belongings- make sure all the movers and moving equipment are not sitting in the back of the truck to add to the weight. They should have been able to give you a pretty close estimate before the weighing, but it is your right to view the scale reading to make sure.

Keep in mind during the move

kitty in a boxWatch out for pets, especially cats as they love to get inside of boxes. We have all heard of kitties that got box up during a move and made it out alive, but in reality some don’t.

Designate one spot for the inevitable objects that appear, and are not wanted as part of the move such as trash,  perhaps a box of old school books you hadn’t notice before or old paint cans. Surround this area with caution tape, and put up a few “Do not Take signs”.