Moving Services

Moving Services 

Residential Moves make up most of the moves handled by Moving Companies. Moving Companies usually offer an a la carte menu  so customers can pick and choose what tasks they need done.

Local Moving is considered a move less than 30 miles away, and can be accomplished many ways. If you only need help with heavy large items, many companies will accommodate you or handle the entire move including packing and unpacking- you determine your needs.  Protect yourself and make sure you get a predetermine solid estimate or a “not-to-exceed” ceiling.

Long distance moving is considered a move to another state. You can have the Company handle the total move or you can do the packing to save yourself some money.  The Moving Company will normally load the truck as they have been trained how to best avoid damage. If it’s an interstate move, your belongings will likely share space on a large truck with other households that are moving in the same direction. You could also have a storage container dropped off that you will fill during the next few days or however long you contracted for.  The storage container will then be moved to the new home on your schedule for you to unload. Companies can help with loading and unloading heavy items for an extra fee.

Military Moving: The Military offers a program you may want to take advantage of its called Personally Procured Move Program (PPM) When you complete your move for less than the Government Constructed Cost (GCC), you may be eligible to receive a payment for the difference. Most Moving Companies are eager to help make the PPM choice easy and affordable.

College Moving normally does not require a moving truck as College students don’t have a lot of items to move. However, it has become popular for College students to hire transportation and storage, over the summer, for smaller storage containers most often 6’ by 8’ foot. Most Companies can help arrange storage in the local area with the use of containers.

Business Moves have specific requirements because they are moving with computers, printers, scanners, and copiers all of which have different needs such as: Printers need their ink cartridges removed and covers taped down. Computers should have all cords removed placed in baggies and taped to themselves. Refrigerators should have all food removed, as well as defrosted. Boxes containing files should have brief descriptions of what they carry. Businesses are on tight schedules, and can ill afford much down time so they need to find a Moving Company that will keep to the schedule.

Property managers on occasion need movers when their locations have suffered a situation requiring movement of tenants within their properties. For example, renovations after fire or flooding, restoration after storm damage, and mold remediation. 

Realtor and leasing Agents are often asked to suggest Moving companies for their clients. It would streamline your response to these clients to have a well-respected licensed and insured company on speed dial who are able to offer full moving services or several a la carte services.

home staging

Home Staging usually requires some furniture to be moved out of the house before it goes up on the market.  Presentation is very important in trying to garner the best price you can. Many Moving Companies can move surplus items out of the home and into short term storage, city dump, or donation delivery. Working with the same company will give you a better rate, and you’ll be able to build a trustworthy relationship.

Moving Labor- sometimes people just need help moving awkward or heavy items. Not all companies will help with such a small job, but it can’t hurt to ask.

Loading services are provided by most moving companies, and they will usually charge an hourly rate.

Unloading Services are provided by most moving companies, and they will usually charge an hourly rate.

Appliance Moving for Washing Machine, Dryer, Combo Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave, Grill, and other bulky items are sometimes offered with De-Assembly or Re-Assembly- which helps those not mechanically inclined. 

china pack box

Packing Services are used by customers that don’t have the time to pack or are unable to. When using a Packing service, make sure any item not making the move is discarded or donated to charity before the Packers come.

Moving Supplies that are specialized such as, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, TV boxes, lamp cartons, packing tape, bubble and plastic wrap, and boxes for glassware are sold to the public by most Moving Companies.

It can and does happen with ill equipped or ignorant movers.
It can and does happen with ill equipped or ignorant movers.

Piano Moving is a special service that should only be hired out to Moving Companies that have been trained to move them safely- ask to see reviews of past moves. If you can get a company that will tune the piano after the move, it will save you from have to call someone else in.

Pool Tables need to be dismantled and moved in pieces to the new place as the table is way too heavy and big to move assembled. You may have need of a professional that will reassemble the table because it is rather difficult requiring some expertise to reattached the Felt or replace it. The Pool Table also needs to be leveled to play right- not an easy thing to do for a novice.