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Most of us, at some point, in our lives will need to move belongings to a new dwelling, and most of us will want to decorate our living space with paint at some point. However, many people are unable or unwilling to do the heavy and back breaking work of interior painting or furniture moving. Obviously, it is dangerous for Seniors to do heavy lifting or injurious for Asthma afflicted people to paint. Our Companies Chevy Moving and McGinnes Painting were started to meet the needs of people who find it difficult or impossible to do such work themselves. This website offers insight, that we have gained over the years, into the selection of such Service Companies.

Local Yoga studio's Logo being painted by one of our Artists.
Local Yoga studio’s Logo being painted by one of our Artists.

 Reputable Business traits

Certain desirable business traits will help facilitate the hiring of a reputable moving company, and allow your move to go forward without unexpected expenses or mishandling of your belongings:

  • The business will have a physical address within your community.
  • Moving Companies should be licensed, and you can check them out by visiting the Department of Transportation’s  website.
  • The Business Contract should be inspected before Moving Day, and it should not contain blank spots to be filled in later.
  •  They will have a business logo, company designed uniforms, labeled trucks and appropriate equipment.
  • They can provide you with at least 3 references in your geographical area.

day labor


You have to believe that you and your family will be safe when workers are allowed entry to your inner sanctum- these worries can be managed by Businesses that do the following:

  • Many Businesses have a policy which requires they only screen employees before hiring, but the very good companies will screen annually because an employee can commit a crime after they are hired.
  • Random Drug screening of employees is very important as it keeps people prone to trouble out of your home.
  • The company carries Workers Compensation in case of  injury while on your property.
  • The company employs full-time employees that have gone through practical training. They do not use day laborers, temp staff or illegals- all three groups have little training or liability insurance.
One of a kind items require a little more finesse to transport so they may cost a little extra- at the very least these items should be discussed beforehand so there are no surprises on moving day.

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances such as, Seniors moving to an assisted living facility, medical equipment for sick or handicapped family members, or short term storage of belongings requires special planning for the optimum way to proceed:

  • Seniors moving to an assisted living facility have to follow very specific instructions as to what they can bring, Often, this can cause Seniors distress and apprehension towards their future.  Moving Companies are superior if they can offer professional packing services by employees trained to work with Seniors. Trained employees will try and keep the focus on what Seniors will keep rather then what they have to discard or redistribute.
  • Medical Equipment often requires specialized tools to break them down for shipping. Also, delicate medical electronics need particular shutdown routines with climate control shipping to arrive without injury to the new home- even a little bit of humidity can short out some electronics. These stringent conditions can’t be handled by all Moving Companies, but they should be able to suggest a specialized mover.
  • Look for a Full Service Moving Company if you have a need for short term storage. Working with one company for all your moving needs will be less confusing and a little cheaper.


 Predators pretending to be Moving Companies

The internet’s ability to instantly display an almost unlimited amount of information compares as favorably to no other form of communication or advertising. However, not every website is hosted by honest people. Many predators lurk on line with intent to do harm by swindling people out of their money or possessions.

The moving industry has long attracted fraudsters, but experts say scamming became more pronounced in the late 1990s, after Congress shuttered the Interstate Commerce Commission. Moving Scams are a very real threat that can be countered by educating  yourself how to avoid becoming a victim while looking for a reputable moving company.

One major moving scam is when your belongings are held Hostage for Cash. This is really a bait and switch scam that preys mostly on the customers looking to move belongings for the lowest price they can find- little do they realize the money pit they could be falling into.  Extremely favorable estimates will be given over the phone to guarantee a deal , but customers are really being set up for fleecing as most of the cost will come later in the form of additions. Usually, you will not meet with scammers until moving day- that is when your most vulnerable. Many scammers will show up 2 to 3 hours late just to induce a sense of urgency.

On moving day, a contract will be displayed for your signature giving little time for inspection. The contract will list the quoted low price with unspecified additions for packing material, stairs, and extra heavy items. When you question the unknown extras, you will be told something like: This is common in the industry, and not to worry because normally it’s a nominal fee.  Most people are really in a bind to get moved out on schedule so they sign the contract. However, as soon as all of your belongings are on the truck, you get the bad news of just how much extra you owe. They might say you exceeded the weight estimate of your belongings because you failed to give them a complete list, your belongings weren’t totally packed and ready for the move, or any number of unverifiable reasons.

The total kicker is when they tell you they won’t continue with the move until you pay the extra fees. Now, they are holding your belongings Hostage, and the only avenues open are to pay the  extra fees or live without your belongings for awhile. Later, you can take them to court, but that requires more expenses in the form of court costs and time away from work. Lack of court action on the behalf of the swindled, is why so many predator companies continue on unscathed. Police won’t get involved because they say it’s a civil matter.

The Craig’s List Scammer

The anonymous nature of advertising on the Internet or in Community Newspapers attracts many disreputable Moving companies because a psychical address is not required just a phone number so identities can be kept secret. Plus, the dishonest Companies will change the company name often to get away from bad reviews with the Better Business Bureau or other Online Sites.

Don’t book a moving company solely online. Meet the company first before the move, spend some time researching the reviews you can find on line and how the company responded to the unfavorable ones. Keep in mind that many people only write a review when they are upset- seldom do people take the time to post accolades.


Reasons to hire a Painter

Illusion of a Giant Baseball painted by one our talented artists for a little boy’s room.

Your brother In-Law was kind enough to help you paint a large vaulted room, but  he was not as careful next to the ceiling or wood work that you had hoped for. Now, your looking at your room’s new carefully selected color scheme, and its marred by ugly splotches or paint drips.  It’s so disheartening, that you decide to hire a painter to get the job done right.

How to find a good painter is worth discussing as many people think it’s a chore that requires no skill. Hiring skilled painters versus novices will give you a much better outcome. Many times we have been called by potential customers to fix undesirable results. In consequence, the customer has had to pay twice for the same job- perhaps even more the second time around as it takes extra time to fix some mistakes.

Traits of a Good Painter

  • Meet at least 3 contractors at your home, and note how each one assess the job. You’ll get a much better estimate from a painter that takes measurements, inspects the condition of the walls, and discusses what he will do as part of the cost and what will cost extra.  You may be impressed by a painter that only needs a quick walk through thinking they must be very experienced, but careful painters will measure the area to be painted so they can show the customer exactly what the breakdown of pricing is.
  • Random Drug screening  of Painting Company employees is very important as it keeps people prone to trouble out of your home.
  • The company carries Workers Compensation in case of a workers injury while on your property.
  • The company employs full-time employees that have gone through practical training. They do not use day laborers, temp staff or illegals- all three groups have little training or liability insurance.
  • Will not paint over nail holes, stains, peeling  paint, mold or grease- these conditions require repair before painting to avoid pealing or flaking later.  If a painter paints over problem areas, those problems will soon resurface.
  • What kind of paint will they use- low or high grade of paint, and will you be allowed to inspect it? High grade paint has much better coverage and adhesion giving a much longer life span.


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